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 Looks like Raffi Torres has been suspended indefinitely for that shit-tastic hit on Hossa last night. Good effing riddance. 

I honestly never anticipated a time in my life where I'd be sitting at a computer with at least twelve tabs open, half of them hockey gifs and the other articles about hockey. I'm a black girl from the south in a city whose hockey team moved to Winnipeg. Being a fan of this stuff wasn't in the cards for me. 

But, I guess it was. 

And I'm really, really glad.

Here, have some of my love:

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So I've been really really quiet lately. 

That's mostly because hockey has taken over my soul. What started out as a lark has become a full-blown obsession, exacerbated by the fact that the playoffs are going on right now and shit is intense. Last night, the Blackhawks (the team I love) played the Coyotes in Chicago and it was just the worst, mainly because of this: 

This is Marian Hossa, who happens to own my soul, taking an absolutely devastating hit from Raffi Torres. I was screaming when it happened and I was screaming when Hossa didn't get back up and I was screaming when Torres wasn't ejected from the game. There was some crying thrown in there too, because Hossa had to be taken out on a freaking stretcher. The night continued to get worse from then on, mostly because of Torres' continued presence in the game, since he shouldn't have been there. Andrew Shaw got a three game suspension for a hit on the Coyotes goalie who, as it happens, played in the very next game. He was fine. Hossa was carried out on a fucking stretcher, and that asshole got to play the whole game, minus like, twelve minutes. It was too much--not to mention the shitty-ass calls the refs made that night.  That stadium was on fire though, and you can bet your sweet ass they were calling for blood in Chicago. I know I was here.

The Coyotes ended up winning in OT which sucks, but I'm not worried. I have every faith that the Hawks will come back and squash those assholes like the bugs they are, with a little assistance from my chat pals, since we are convinced that by channeling our combined hatred for Mike Smith and Raffi Torres, the Yotes will spontaneously combust in mid-play, on the ice, or at the very least, Mike Smith's hands will fall off and he will start vomiting and shitting from an unexplicable bout of food poisoning. Here's to hoping.

In other hockey-related news, Sidney Crosby turns out to be an unexpected delight. I don't know much about him, but after talking with my hockey pals, I discovered that the general consensus is somewhat mixed. To some, he's alright, to others, he's somewhat of a big-mouthed puss, to be treated with disdain or indifference. At least that's how it was with them, until this:

I haven't been watching very closely, but I have it on good authority that the Pens-Flyers series of the playoffs has been somewhat of a shitshow. This gif is of Sid Crosby super bitchily knocking away Jakub Voracek's glove, which is funny all by itself because it's such a cutesy sort of dick move. It escalates into awesomeness when you see the interview Sidney does after this game and how he responds to reporters asking about the move:

What was he supposed to do? Pick up his glove?  What was that? Skate away? Skate away, you say? Yeah, well, he didn't that time, so.

Guys. He doesn't like anyone on their team. What don't you get about that?

I'm just delighted. I'm delighted because as bad as it sounds, that's probably the same answer would have given. Sidney Crosby, you own my heart in this moment because we are simpatico. We are both children when competing.

I have so many feelings about this stupid game, and there's no way I could cover it all in one go. Just know you'll probably be hearing more about hockey shenanigans and less about the more geektastic aspects of my life as the playoffs continue. I'm just saying. This shit ruins lives.

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Okay, it's been AGES since I've done this, but I'm totally gonna post the beginnings of this little fic thing i've been writing! It's Secret Circle, and its Faye/Jake, something I think is way under represented in fandom, and it's been bugging me forever so I figured I'd write it down and see if that makes the voices quiet down a little. Also, totally un-betaed, so it probably makes absolutely NO SENSE. Sorry, for those who stumble upon it. My bad. 

Some People Die Just A Little...Collapse )

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So there's this thing that's been happening to me recently. I can't explain it, don't ask me to explain it, it's just one of those things that is.

I am suddenly, irrevocably into hockey these days.

Well, the Chicago Blackhawks, to be more specific, but more on that in a sec.

I honestly couldn't say how it really started, other than I remember it ias a sort of a teasing, niggling little thought planted in my head by the folks on my fantastic Twitter feed, more specifically, the wonderful  [personal profile] sometimesalways   and [personal profile] zanzando . I think I noticed a lot of Hockey stuff being put up on my pinboard, and finally I just sort of gave up and read the primer, and then some of the accompanying fic.

I am in now caught in a swirling vortex of hockey times that I refuse to get out of.

Although the other people I talk to about hockey are waaaaay more knowledgeable about it support a number of teams, I think because it was the first team (and first ship) I was introduced to, the Chicago Blackhawks are it for me, really.

Folks, I give you my inspiration for learning any and everything about hockey--Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews:

I could go on and on and ramble incoherently about the two of them, which I do often, but there are amazing primers out there that could fill you in on everything Kaner/Tazer and the Blackhawks in general a lot better than I could. Just trust that these two are the shit, and also that they are dudebros in love.

Please, come in. Join my hockey mania, won't you?

This is just a taste, obviously. And I swear that now, my respect and admiration goes beyond the fact that Tazer and Kaner are so good-looking and squeal-worthy, and also happens to be about what a genuinely cool and awesome team the Blackhawks are. Toews is a wonderful, hardworking, super dedicated captain, and Kaner is a total natural talent. I still don't know enough about the sport to REALLY get into a conversation about it, but I'm learning, bit by bit. And you have to admit, it's not a bad way to get introduced to a sport.

Plus there's this. And this. And this. Also this.

'm just sayin', everyone gets into things their own way.

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Oh Stark babies, you are the best. Also, I do this exact same thing at the beginning of every episode.

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I actually hear people are making a big deal about this. It's not a big deal guys. He was super stoked! That was Giroud's first goal for his national team! My friends have done more with each other for less. Oh. Oh, is it a big deal because they're both boys or something?

Well that's just ridiculous.  Plus, it's crazy hot, so just, I don't know, enjoy the show, haters.

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What do I have to do to get badass Faye/Jake Secret Circle fic?

Here, I'll give you some inspiration:

"I think Faye and Jake written in the stars!" Zylka jokes, laughing. "Honestly, though, I think she's the only one that gets him for real. She's smart. Faye is Jake and Jake is Faye, and that's why they connect but also why they hate each other. It's 'I love you to death, and I could be with you, but one of us would cast the worst kind of spell on the other.'" --This is Chris Zylka, talking about his relationship with Phoebe Tonkin's character, Faye.

"The feelings between Jake and Faye never really go away,” Chris Zylka says. “But maybe the feelings were a bit misconstrued. I've talked with the producers and writers about it, because he can't just hate her that bad after she's given him so much.... she has always been able to put her finger on exactly what is wrong with Jake and what's going on in his head. He needs someone to say 'Hey, are you okay?' and Faye is going to be that person."

Also, this:

I do love a pairing that refuses to acknowledge the love they have for each other, knowing full well they'd probably destroy one another. Makes for crazy good chemistry. As you can see here :-)

Now get to writing! Or I'll be forced to write some myself which will be no good. :-) Or, if you could point me in the direction of some good stuff, that'd be fine too.

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Why do I live in a time and place where a man thinks that it's perfectly normal behavior to slow his car down and gawk at a woman while she walks down her street, then pull a u-turn and follow her back to her house and stop to wave? It's unacceptable and terrifying and infuriating.

I shouldn't have to worry about shit like this. I just fucking shouldn't. Now I gotta wonder if every time I step off my bus and head to my house, this freak, who now knows where I live, is gonna be waiting for me to say or do inappropriate shit to me. Who the FUCK does he think he is? This shit is unacceptable and and I'm so angry I can barely see straight.

Who the fuck do you think you are sir, to think it's cool to see a woman minding her own business walking down the opposite side of the street, and then swerve and slow down to a creep next to her just to get closer to her? And then, to pull a u-turn and follow her back to her house?! For what? To wave? Oh what, she's gonna find that sexy and suck your dick now? "Oh that's so hot, man. I love strangers following me back to my house creepily just to stare at me. Gets my shit going."

Die in a fire, random dude.

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So, I know how we're all jankin' on Amazon right now because of that whole price checker app thing, and how it's sucking hard for brick and mortar stores, and believe me, my feelings about that (uncool, Amazon. Uncool.) haven't changed, but let me tell you what just happened.

My dad sent me the delivery confirmation emails for presents that he had coming to my husband. When I checked the date on them, it showed that they were supposed to have been delivered on Monday, and I most certainly did not receive any packages on Monday. I started to freak out a little, thinking about some crazy jackass just walking up to my house and taking stuff off my front porch, but then I calmed down and decided to call the delivery service to see what could be done, if anything. It's not really their responsibility if somebody steals something off your porch, right?

Anyway, I talked to the delivery service---Lasership, I think it was called (not a bad name, actually) and the person on the phone was very nice. She conferenced me in with a rep from Amazon who, after getting all the details from the Lasership person, immediately said, 'I'm so sorry your package was lost, if you can give me some information, I can see about getting you replacements for what you lost.'

I was in shock. I've never actually lost a package before so I don't know if this is standard procedure or anything, but the guy immediately believed me, didn't ask any questions as to whether or not I lived in sketchy neighborhood, didn't ask if I'd checked the area around my house---anything. He just calmly and politely got all my information and then told me that he'd be sending a replacement shipment that would get there the next day. He told me that one of the purchases had been a marketplace purchase and therefore they couldn't ensure that the object would still be in stock from that particular store, but offered me a Amazon gift card in the same amount as the marketplace gift. Maybe I'm making too much out of this, maybe people do this stuff all the time and it's no big deal, but to have someone help me so thoroughly in the middle of a Christmas crisis just blew my mind. It's definitely a load off my shoulders--I didn't want to have to tell my sweet baboo that he was out SOL with his presents because of either a crazy hobo stealing our shit, or a delivery snafu.

So yeah, good lookin' out, Amazon.

Your price checker app still sucks, though.

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